Version 9/15/18
By submitting to, you understand and accept these conditions of service:
1) does not substitute for Third-Party Certification.
Professional coin graders and numismatists at examine your photographs to estimate your coin’s value.
For numismatists to guarantee an appraisal of coin condition and value, they must examine the coin physically. Other companies provide manual examinations of coins for a much greater cost, and need much more time. To learn about these more expensive, time consuming, guaranteed services, read about TPGs on
2) Our quality of service is a direct reflection of the quality of the photographs you provide.
See our Coin Photography Guidelines Page for help, including example photographs. Scans are not acceptable.
When in doubt, send us the best pictures you can take. If needed, we’ll guide you to better pictures.
We require at least four different photographs of each coin.
A) You must provide two excellent (by our definition), clear, evenly-lit photographs of the front of each coin.
B) You must also provide two excellent (by our definition), clear, evenly-lit photographs of the back of each coin.
3) The cost of the service may be more than the value of the coin.
One or more professional numismatic coin graders will review your coin and render an opinion. These graders have years of experience accurately grading and valuating thousands of coins.
4) If you have feedback, before you do anything else, you will contact the staff.
Use We want to hear from you!
You understand that we’re here to help.
By submitting images, you attest that you understand and agree to these terms.
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