If you have a Morgan Dollar (or other Silver Dollar) and you’re wondering about value, PriceThatCoin.com will quickly, inexpensively appraise its value for you.

There are a lot of counterfeit Morgan Silver Dollars on the market that have been on the market for years. There are also many problem coins – coins that have subtle or obvious problems that impact their collectible value substantially. On top of that, there are many varieties (called VAMs) of each year and mint mark that are heavily collected (and therefore more valuable). The expert coin graders and professional numismatists at PriceThatCoin.com will help you quickly ascertain an accurate market value of your exact coin in a much more reliable way than any free price guide can.

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After we review your coins, the Academy of Coins© (the professional numismatists behind PriceThatCoin.com) sometimes recommends coin certification by a reputable third-party coin certification company like PCGS or NGC. The cost per coin is usually between $30 and $50 (sometimes much more, depending on the services you require) and the whole process often takes between three weeks and 60 days. Your coin’s grade (authenticity and condition, directly related to its market value) is then guaranteed by that certification company.

Before you invest the time and money in certification, find out if you should send your coin to a TPG. Use our Numismatist’s Professional Opinion service to find out your coin’s value. The entire quick and low-cost process is anonymous to maintain objectivity – we do not communicate your information to anybody.

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One of these silver dollars is worth $10, one is worth $100, and one is worth $1000. Can you tell which is which just by looking at them? We can. Scroll down to see if you're right.

One of these silver dollars is worth $10, one is worth $100, and one is worth $1000. Can you tell which is which just by looking at them? We can. Scroll down to see if you’re right.

About the Academy of Coins©

The staff here at PriceThatCoin.com are all members of the Academy of Coins©, and we’ve appraised thousands of coins through the years. We’re expert numismatic graders. Grading coins accurately consists of authenticating the coins, then assessing their condition including potential problems that many novice graders miss that have the potential to substantially impact a coin’s value. We’re also experts at attributing VAMs.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about coin grading by reading the Academy of Coins©’ article explaining coin grade and how it translates to market value. Accurate coin grading is an art and science that takes years to master.

Case Study: Morgen* the Morgan Collector

Morgen is working on her date set of Morgan Silver Dollars that her grandfather started from circulation over fifty years ago. She’s been looking for a decent 1893-CC that will set nicely alongside the other coins in her grandfather’s Wayte Raymond.

She found a raw coin on eBay, and even though she knew she shouldn’t, she popped on it. Online, the coin looked fine, but in-hand, she’s not so sure. She’s a little embarrassed to ask her friends or dealers in case it’s fake. She knows if she submits the coin, she won’t get it back in time for the return window, so she’s stuck either losing her money or getting lucky.

She submits the coin to PriceThatCoin.com for a $7 Numismatist’s Professional Opinion. The staff there quickly ascertain that it’s a known counterfeit. She returns the coin and gets her money back from eBay.

By using PriceThatCoin.com, she saves herself a small chunk of change she can now spend on other coins, and she’s not embarrassed. Don’t worry, Morgen – we won’t tell on you! It happened to the best of us at one time or another.

*Names were changed to protect the innocent.

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Get to know the professional numismatists at the Academy of Coins©, the professionals behind PriceThatCoin.com.

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    One of these silver dollars is worth $10, one is worth $100, and one is worth $1000. Can you tell which is which just by looking at them? We can.

    How was your hunch? The coin on the left is an 1890-CC Tail Bar, worth about $1000. The coin in the center is indeed worth about $10, but some coins that look like this are worth $500. The coin on the right is common, usually worth about $18, but in uncommon condition (the best of the bunch), making its current market value around $100.

    How did you do? Coins are tricky! But we love this stuff. That’s why we do this – we’re here to help.

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