offers fast, low-cost coin valuation and grading services.

Compare to Traditional Coin Certification

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Total Cost – Standard Service

Time Required – Standard Service

Membership Required?

PTC: $7+/coin

NGC: $35+ – $250+/coin

PCGS: $35+ – $300+/coin

PTC: 24 hours+

NGC: 2 weeks+

PCGS: 2 weeks+


NGC: Yes ($25/yr)

PCGS: Yes ($69/yr)

Traditional coin certification is costly and time-consuming. Keep your coin – with us, there’s no need to ship it – save yourself at least two weeks, and potentially hundreds of dollars. Send us some excellent photographs of your coins along with our small professional grading and appraisal fee. Get your answer fast, and save a lot of money.

If your coin needs certification, we tell you. Only then should you take the risk and spend all that investment.

But many coins don’t warrant certification. Why spend $100 just to find out your coin is worth $20 or less to a collector? Or worse – it could be counterfeit.

For serious collectors: why not get an independent second opinion about what your coin will grade before you incur hefty grading fees. Show us the ones you’re iffy about and we’ll help you decide.

Get our professional coin graders to review your coin quickly and get your answer fast.

“Wait a minute… The other folks charge more, so they must know more, or be better…”


We pay our Professional Coin Graders the same or more as the other certification services. (Outstanding coin graders are always heavily in-demand.) For them, the cost of shipping, storage, and insurance add up! We pass those savings along to you. We could charge more and still be competitive. But we don’t charge more. was founded by coin collectors just like you.

We treat people as we wish to be treated. And we’re trying to promote this fantastic hobby. It’s hard to get excited about coin collecting when you’re constantly worried about getting ripped off.

That’s why we charge only what is fair.

Use our knowledge. Use our experience. Use our wisdom. We are coin geeks, and we’re proud.

Try now.