The Academy of Coins© loves working with our dealer friends. Unfortunately, dealers can’t often get an unbiased opinion.

That’s what we’re here for.

Before you invest the time and money in regrades or CAC submissions, you can check with our expert coin graders anonymously first.

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About the Academy of Coins©

The staff here at are all members of the Academy of Coins©, and we’ve appraised thousands of coins through the years. We’re expert numismatic graders. Grading coins accurately consists of authenticating the coins, then assessing their condition including potential problems that many novice graders miss that have the potential to substantially impact a coin’s value.

The Academy of Coins©’ has an article explaining coin grade and how it translates to market value. Accurate coin grading is an art and science that takes years to master.

Case Study: Don the Dealer

A big deal just walked into Don’s shop, and there’s an older Barber Quarter in an OGH he’s thinking about submitting to CAC, hoping for a gold sticker. The coin is toned, and he’s thinking about cracking it out for a quick dip because one of his oldest customers prefers blast coins, and if it dips out nice, it would be perfect for his customer’s collection and it would be a nice win for the shop.

He thought about sharing the coin with a couple of friends at the next ANA, but he knows his customer likes to come by around the 1st of the month and the next show is after that. Don would rather get on the ball quickly and make the sale before the show so his customer doesn’t blow his budget at the show.

Don submits the coin to online like he’s done so many times. His photographer gets some great shots of the coin, so the PTC staff pass around the pictures and decided he should leave it in the OGH and forget CACing it because Don might be a little over-optimistic. (It happens to all of us.) sends him a market range for the coin, and he realizes it’s better to save time and money and see if his first customer wants it as-is, or he can show it to a different customer who likes green holders, and he knows he will be at ANA ready for an upgrade pitch.

Submit a few coins to now >


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