Numismatist’s Professional Opinion


Get the value of your collectible coin.

Accurate, professional, fast, and low-cost coin appraisals.
From pocket change to scarce errors and mint state, finest-known ultra-rarities.
Get the value of a coin within 48 hours.
For coins you have or for coins you want.

PriceThatCoin Collector Coin Appraisal Services

At check out, upload four (4) photographs of your coin. Coin Photo Tips

After check out, we send you the collector coin’s unbiased, accurate market value within 48 hours. To get all details of our valuation, get our Complete Numismatic Report for the coin. See below for more than one coin, examples, and further details.

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Expert Numismatic Appraisal

Get an unbiased Numismatist’s Professional Opinion of your coin’s value in 48 hours or less.

We provide accurate professional, fast, and low-cost rare coin appraisals. We get you the value of your collector coin within 48 hours. 24 hour service available.

For coins you have or for coins you want. At check out, where prompted, upload four (4) excellent photographs of your coin.

Send us the best photographs you can take. Here are photo tips to get you started.

After you pay, we’ll get back to you with your coin value within 48 hours. If you want complete details of how we arrived at that value, get our Complete Numismatic Report.

We do not buy your coins.
We do not sell your coins.

Some who offer to buy or sell your coins may not have an objective opinion of value. We do not buy or sell coins so you can be certain our appraisal is unbiased.

We help people learn about their coins.

Compare to other numismatic coin third-party grading and certification services.

We see everything! We see common pocket change to rare errors and mint varieties. We help dealers, collectors, and people who know nothing about coins. It’s what we love to do.

See an example Numismatist’s Professional Opinion. Go to the Examples page.

Get a bulk appraisal – up to 24 coins at a time, $7 per group, whether one coin (1) or twenty-four (24) coins. At check out, send us four photographs of your group of coins. No more than 6 coins in each photograph. Under “Order notes”, list the year and mint mark (if you know it) of each coin in all of your photographs. From there, we advise if you should get an opinion about any specific coin, allowing us a closer look. For more than 24 coins, get another Numismatist’s Professional Opinion for each subsequent group.

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