You don’t have to use our service. You can learn to price your coins for free!

Pricing coins accurately requires accurately grading, authenticating, and identify all possible problems (and the magnitude of the problems). It takes years of dedication and practicing with thousands of coins to learn, and even then you may not master it as our professional graders have.

That’s why we’re here. We’re here to help. Submit your coins to us, let the experts handle it, be certain your answer is accurate.

If coin collecting is something you love, read on! We’ll help you learn. But be careful. This is one of those situations where a little but of knowledge can be extremely dangerous! If your going to do this you need to be committed and have thousands of coins to practice with…

Still here? Great! Your a coin geek in the making. We’ll do all we can to help!

To Price Your Coin for Free:

1) Learn to authenticate and grade coins accurately.

2) Learn to identify all of the possible coin problems, learn to understand their severity and impact on coins’ numismatic prices.

3) Use what you learn in conjunction with the free website we made for you to help you get coin prices:

Without a complete and deep understanding of each of these pieces, you will not be able to accurately assess your coins’ values. There are many free and inexpensive coin pricing guides out there, and some are better than others. But the main pieces you need to learn are 1) authenticate coins and differentiate them from the ever-better counterfeits, 2) identify potential coin problems, and 3) accurately grade coins.

Once you have years of experience practicing on thousands of coins, you can use years of experience using the price guides and auction results to great effect, and accurately establish a value for your coins.


Give us, the professional numismatists at the Academy of Coins© a few dollars and we’ll do it for you!

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