Morgen* is working on her date set of Morgan Silver Dollars that her grandfather started from circulation over fifty years ago. She’s been looking for a decent 1893-CC that will sit nicely alongside the other coins in her grandfather’s Wayte Raymond coin album.

She found a raw, uncertified coin on eBay, and even though she knew she shouldn’t, she bought it. Online, the coin looked fine, but in-hand, she’s not so sure. She’s a little embarrassed to ask her friends or dealers in case it’s fake. She knows if she submits the coin, she won’t get it back in time to return for a full refund, so she’s stuck either losing her money or getting lucky.

Counterfeit 1893-CC Morgan Dollar

Counterfeit 1893-CC Morgan Dollar – Here’s a tricky 1893-CC Morgan we picked out for our Social Media accounts. We highlighted it to our collector friends showcase the dangers of buying raw, valuable coins on ebay. This coin was sold for about $100, but it’s not worth anything. It’s a fake! (And a good one, too.)

She submitted the coin to for a $7 Numismatist’s Professional Opinion. Our staff quickly ascertained that it’s a known counterfeit.

Our Professional Coin Graders have seen thousands of counterfeit coins. We use our experience coupled with counterfeit diagnostics – marks or devices on the coin that we know are out of place or incorrect for that coin – to validate counterfeits. We use a huge database of known false coins in conjunction with our real world experience checking authenticity through careful inspection to tell fake coins from valid ones. In the case of the coin above, one glance and we know it to be counterfeit.

Morgen* returned the coin as soon as she got our Opinion and luckily, got her money back from eBay. It turns out, the seller didn’t even know it was counterfeit!

By using, she saved herself a lot of money! Now she can spend that money on other coins, and she’s not embarrassed. Don’t worry, Morgen* – we won’t tell on you!

*Names were changed to protect the innocent.

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