Charles* is a young numismatist who enjoys Coin Roll Hunting. He’s putting together a baseline Wheat Set from bank rolls he trades out every couple of weeks. His collection isn’t worthy of any Registry, but it’s a start! And more importantly, he’s having fun – and learning a lot of history. (Charles is our kind of young person – a collector!)

He stumbled upon a 1969 Lincoln Memorial Cent in very nice condition that he thinks might be a doubled-die obverse (DDO). He’s thinking about sending the coin into a TPG for certification. It’s expensive – the TPGs want a couple of hundred dollars to join up and submit – and he’s nervous about borrowing that much money. But he’s sure it’s a DDO and it would pay off.

Rather than jumping the gun, he decided to submit it to online first. When we got back to him with a collectible value of just a few cents, he knew he got excited for nothing. After taking a few days to cool off, he looked at some more pictures online and realized that in fact, his coin was not a DDO. But now he knows what they really look like, and he’s ready in case one comes his way!

By using, she saved about $230 on shipping and certification. He only spent $7 to get a Numismatist’s Professional Opinion, and he knows if he wanted us to check his coin against all popularly collected varieties, he could have spent just $18 for a Complete Numismatic Report that would have described all of the varieties. Since his coin came back priced in the AU range, he knew it wasn’t worth it for this coin. Maybe the next one!

*Names have been changed protect the privacy of the people involved.

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We identified a beat up but authentic ’83 DDR for Charles recently!