The Kind of People Who Collect Morgan Silver Dollars

I had a coin collector that came into my shop weekly, a real regular. Every week, he’d buy three Morgan Dollars. His mother started he and his two brothers collecting. She told him, ‘On payday, always put a dollar away.’

Gosh, he smoked his pipe like a chimney. He always smelled like sweet pipe tobacco. He’s a funny guy! Really nice.

Anyway, coins. He wasn’t picky about condition or date, he bought one for himself, and one each with his brothers in mind.

I remember he startled me one day. I pulled out the tray and he only bought two – had something happened to one of his brothers?

‘Oh, no,’ he said. ‘They’re fine. I’ve just stopped collecting. See you next week!’

And I saw him next week, and he bought more coins “for his brothers.” He was a funny guy.

I loved having conversations with him and helping him collect. This is a great business!