Mary* inherited a coin collection from her father after he passed away. After some time passed, she decided to assess the coin collection’s value. She couldn’t find a local coin shop, and she wasn’t comfortable carrying all those coins to a coin show a couple of hour’s drive from her home.

After doing some research online, she thought about submitting the coins to a reputable TPG for certification. She was told it would take a few weeks and close to a thousand dollars. Despite lots of help, she had a hard time filling out the form, so she decided to look for other options.

She submitted a few coins to online and was able to quickly determine which coins were worth sending to a TPG for certification and which coins weren’t. With an idea of value from the expert coin graders and professional numismatists at, she decided which coins she’d take with her to the next show and she was able to make much more informed decisions when choosing a dealer to sell to. She was also able to determine which coins meant the most to her father, so she decided to keep one rather than selling it.

By using, Mary* saved about $440 on shipping and certification of coins that didn’t have enough value to justify the fees. She spent about $300 with the TPG (would have been $740 or more) and only spent $85 with She was extremely happy with her coin collection appraisal.

*Names were changed to protect identities of people involved.

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