Colin* has been carefully assembling a set of Capped Bust Half Dollars for about three years. He doesn’t have a huge budget for coin collecting, so he needs to make every dollar count.

He picked up a coin on eBay that he really likes. He’s convinced it’s Almost Uncirculated even though it’s in a Very Fine Details holder. He’s shown the coin to a couple of his dealer friends, but they concur with the grade on the slab. He knows they have the best of intentions, but he also knows they have inventory they want to sell him, and they didn’t spend as much time and care looking at his coin as he’d hoped. His friends that collect all agree he got a great deal, but they aren’t familiar enough with the type to offer really helpful advice. Capped Bust Halves are tough! He’s thinking about sending the coin in for a regrade, and hopefully CAC approval if he can find a dealer that will do it for him, but of course there’s no guarantee. What Colin* needs is an independent opinion.

Colin* submitted that coin to online for a Complete Numismatic Report. Because he’s a decent photographer, PriceThatCoin was able to use his phone camera pictures to explain problems with the coin he didn’t realize. They also pointed out the Overton number for him, which confirmed his suspicion that it was an R1 example. He decided to sell the coin instead (he ended up trading it with a buddy for something completely different) and he went on to cherry pick a better example.

By using, he saved about $55 on shipping, certification and attribution, which in his experience took about 45 days. He only spent $18 with and got his answer in under a week. He could have gotten the same answer and coin certification recommendation from a Numismatist’s Professional Opinion, but he wanted a full explanation and a deeper look.

*Names were changed to protect those involved.

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