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One of these Lincoln Wheat Cents is worth $30, one is worth $300, and one is worth $3000. Can you tell which is which just by looking at them? We can.

One of these Lincoln Wheat Cents is worth $30, one is worth $300, and one is worth $3000. Can you tell which is which just by looking at them? We can.

Let’s see how you did!

The coin on the left is a 1909-S Lincoln Wheat Cent worth around $300 today. Is that what you guessed?

If it were in the same condition as the coin in the center, it would be worth about $450.

The coin in the center is a 1909 Lincoln Wheat Cent in choice mint state red. It recently sold at auction for just over $30, and the owner had spent between $30 and $200 (maybe more) for certification and encapsulation, which probably took about a month. However, a 1922-D No D Strong Reverse Lincoln Wheat Cent similar to this condition is worth $25,000! Better condition could make it worth $100,000!

These coins are often counterfeited. We know what to look for because we’ve seen them all.

The coin on the right is a very common coin, a 1909 VDB Lincoln Wheat Cent in very uncommon gem condition. Many coins look a lot like this and are worth $10 to $20, but this coin happens to be in a gem grade, making it worth about $3,000! Most coins like this aren’t worth as much. Without an expert appraisal of condition, it’s tough to tell. Other coins that look just like this are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To get the correct value of any collector coin, you must get expert assessment of authenticity and condition.

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